Bridge over the alamin Ravine

Guadalajara, 2004

Ficha técnica

ClientMinistry of Industry. Sepes
Construction design and site managementCesma Ingenieros
Construction companyJoint venture between EOC de Obras y Servicios - Constructora Hispanica
Total length57 m
Arc span44,5 m
Height6,0 m
Span lengths3 x 19 m
Deck width21, 5 m
Ratio of “in situ” concrete in deck0,63 m
Ratio of structural steel108 kg/m²
Ratio of reinforcing steel in deck115 kg/m²
Construction budget€ 1.042.321
(Español) Cuantía de acero estructural en arcos(Español) 108 kg/m²
(Español) Presupuesto de ejecución material(Español) 1.042.321 €

Extending Doctor Pedro Sanz Avenue to Vado Avenue entailed the construction of a bridge over Alamín Gully. Two steel arches, each describing a different inclined plane, constitute the main structural members of the bridge. The 21.5-m wide, 57-m long concrete deck rests on these arches as well as the abutments, of which it forms an integral part. The steel structure in the middle third of the bridge is embedded in and works together with the concrete deck as a composite member. Insofar as it lowers the pier inertia around the system foundations, the structure ultimately behaves like a two-hinged portal frame. The deep foundation supporting each pair of piers is connected to the foundation of the adjacent abutment by means of a concrete strut sunk into the ground. This arrangement provides sufficient strength to resist horizontal thrust despite the complex soil conditions.

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